What does Neutral do with my data?

Transparency from your environment to your data.

Your data is your own. Neutral does not sell your data to third parties, track your browsing history, or collect unnecessary data. In order to deliver the most accurate insights and calculations, Neutral only reads and changes data on supported shopping sites such as Amazon.

How do you calculate my carbon footprint?

Neutral calculates the carbon footprint of your product by accounting for all material and energy inputs consumed, material and energy outputs generated, transport, storage, and waste outputs generated throughout the life cycle. Our carbon footprint calculations are directly sourced from the CarbonScopeData database, one of the largest and most comprehensive LCI databases in North America. Learn more here!

What does decline of Arctic sea ice mean for you?

In the past we are losing a vast air conditioning system that has helped regulate and stabilize earth’s climate system for thousands of years. Each kg of Arctic ice that we lose massively compounds the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. From rising global temperatures, increasing sea levels, and massive releases of seabed methane, the list of environmental consequences goes on.

Why isn’t my favourite online store supported yet?

Our team is working hard to deliver accurate shopping insights to you. If you’d like to suggest an online store for us to support, please email us at [email protected]!